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GOES magazine is an opportunity for science students to get involved in publishing, not only writing articles about their research, experiences and scientific fun facts but also seeing how editing, proof-reading and designing is done in real time.


GOES stands for Global Opportunities for Ecological Sustainability and each issue has a wide range of topics in science, conservation and sustainability.

On this site you can read the free online issues, learn more about GOES, most importantly - find out how you can get involved in publishing and designing!

In order to keep it open-access, please support GOES by either purchasing hard copies, or with a small donation or advertising with us.

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Please be aware that name GOES, the logo, the pictures on the website and in the magazines are subject to copyright. Please ask permission before using them.

Open Access Policy ensures high visibility and maximum exposure of your work - anyone can read GOES articles, without paying any access or subscription costs.

Please be aware that GOES is a completely independent organisation, it is designed, edited and maintained by an undergraduate life science student. Recommendation of any other organisation, society, institute is not in any way funded, it is an independent opinion.

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